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Brass stamps

Brass ink stamps are accessories that are used to imprint a specific design on paper or other material. At Engravernia, we design personalized ink stamps, on which we laser engrave a company logo or any other inscription that is related to the company's business.



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Brass Ink Stamps at Engravernia

Stamping is a technique that has been known for centuries, which allows you to add a special graphic or print on paper, film, tracing paper and many other materials. To make this possible, however, it is necessary to use a special ink stamp and ink suitable for this type of activity.

In our online store we have prepared a large selection of brass ink stamps with a wooden screw-in handle, which are enriched with a personalized stamp created by laser engraving technology. In this way, we can get a stamp full of many details and details, which includes convex or concave letters, as well as any content, which is inscribed along a circle.