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Personalized bracelets with engraving

Original and interesting shapes combined with personalized engraving create a unique composition of jewelry perfect for a gift. Laser engraving allows you to achieve great results and an individualized message.



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Original and interesting shapes combined with personalized engraving is the perfect recipe for creating a unique bracelet with engraving, which will be perfect as a gift idea for a loved one. Thanks to the laser engraving method, we are able to achieve great results and an individualized message that is sure to touch the heart of the gifted person. We invite you to take a look at our offer!

Personalized bracelets with engraving for women

Bracelets are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. Although they used to be exclusively a symbol of femininity, today they are increasingly popular with men, who treat them as an interesting alternative to the traditional watch. Bracelets with engraving are particularly popular, thanks to which we can transform ordinary jewelry into an emotional gift for loved ones, family or friends. This discreet engraving gives the jewelry an individual character, and also makes it a symbol of love and friendship.

Among women, the most popular are personalized bracelets, which impress with their delicate, somewhat romantic form. String bracelets with a pendant in the shape of a star, mouth, heart or infinity may be the perfect solution for them. The pendant, made of elegant, high-nickel copper alloy, allows you to create a one-of-a-kind bracelet with your own engraving - initials, date or name.

Engraved bracelet for men

Men's personalized bracelets are a great gift idea for any man - boyfriend, husband or friend. In this case, however, it is worth taking a closer look at the visual aspects of such jewelry. If we want it to become an interesting addition to any male styling, it is worth opting for models with a minimalist design, such as the SIMPLE personalized bracelet, which, in addition to an adjustable cord, has a silver rectangular pendant, on which we can place an engraving.

For music enthusiasts, on the other hand, bracelets with engraving designed on a pendant in the shape of a classical or electric guitar were created, as well as bracelets with a guitar cube, which can be used to play your favorite instrument. Interestingly, the cube can be engraved not only with an inscription, but also with any photograph (portrait) or music band logo.

Bracelet with your own inscription - give your jewelry an individual character

At Grawernia, we have been creating personalized bracelets with your own engraving for our customers for many years, which go wonderfully with both everyday and evening outfits. We create a personalized engraving on each of them, using a precision fiber laser. Importantly, all our bracelets with engraving are sold complete with an elegant case made of decorative cardboard, making them an original gift for any occasion.