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Decorative rosettes made of plywood or acrylic are an elegant decoration for any wedding hall. Extremely precise and detailed laser cutting.



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Decorative rosettes made of natural birch plywood or acrylic are an elegant decoration for any wedding hall, which will bring a cozy atmosphere to it. In Grawernia we offer a large selection of decorative rosettes for the wall, which are laser-cut with the utmost precision and care. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer!

Decorative rosettes - what are they and when is it worth using them?

When decorating interiors, we often pay the most attention to the choice of the right floor, wall colors or type of furniture. However, it is worth remembering that equally important are decorations that determine the climate in our rooms. An example of this are wooden decorative rosettes, which are available in many interesting designs and sizes. Such decorations have beautiful, intricately crafted designs that can be carved in wooden plywood, among other things. Their unique appearance makes them fit perfectly into the decor of boho and Scandinavian style rooms, and also become a unique decorative element during many celebrations, such as wedding receptions.

Decorative rosettes for the wall - small works of art for special occasions

Elegant decorative rosettes for the wall are an ideal idea for an unusual decoration of the wedding hall, as well as the room where the birthday party will be held. Due to the fact that they are lightweight and convenient to install, they can be placed in almost any place, such as on the wall, on the door or by the window. What's more, each decorative rosette can be created according to your own design, so it perfectly matches the character of the celebration.