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Waterman Hemisphere pens and fountain pens with engraving

Waterman Hemisphere is one of the most popular pen collections of this American writing instruments manufacturer, which combines timeless elegance and simple, minimalist design. Ballpoint and fountain pens from the Hemisphere line have comfortable grips and a sturdy cap, which can be decorated with a decorative engraving.



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Waterman Hemisphere - beauty and functionality in one

Luxury pens from the Waterman Hemisphere series are a unique proposition for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd and express their love of aesthetics, interesting details and craftsmanship. What attracts special attention in Waterman Hemisphere ballpoint and fountain pens is the elegant design. Sleek form, intricately chosen color combination and unconventional design are elements that emphasize the class and elegance of anyone who reaches for Waterman Hemisphere pens.
Both Waterman Hemisphere ballpoint and fountain pens have a comfortable grip that provides full comfort and control while writing. Each also features a beveled cap and a wide ring that further emphasizes the pen's slim form. Waterman Hemisphere pens are available in a variety of finishes, ranging from glossy palladium to smooth matte lacquer, which creates an uncommon silk effect.

Elegant Waterman Hemisphere pens with engraving

Waterman Hemisphere pens with engraving are a perfect gift idea for a birthday, wedding anniversary or a career promotion of a loved one. All models available in our offer can be freely personalized by selecting a special decorative element, which will emphasize the unique character of a given celebration. We make the engraving on the cap using a precise fiber laser, so the resulting inscription is permanent and very durable. For protection from damage, all our Waterman Hemisphere pens with engraving are sold in elegant packaging, which allows you to create a unique gift set.