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Diplomas made of glass

Elegant glass diplomas are sure to appeal to anyone who wants to emphasize the importance of important events, celebrate the success of a loved one or express thanks in an unusual way. Displayed in a frame on the desk or hung on the wall, the diploma in an original form will be a beautiful memento recalling important moments and achievements.



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Glass diplomas - exactly what you need

Glass diplomas in the online store are available in a variety of shapes, forms, sizes. Each piece is made of high-quality glass with a glossy or matte finish. The content, emblems and logos decorating the glass sheet are applied using UV printing method, which ensures an interesting visual effect and unparalleled durability. On sale are glass diplomas closed in an elegant case, certificates designed to be hung on the wall and models that will look beautifully placed on the desk.

Engraved glass diplomas - quality that has nothing to hide

To ensure that each product accurately meets all the expectations of buyers, we respond flexibly to the wishes and needs of the ordering party. All diplomas made of glass are created by experienced graphic designers based on the client's guidelines. The realization of the project is preceded by a stage of approval, so we can give a guarantee that the glass diplomas ordered in our store will be exactly what you need.