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You are organising a large or small sporting event. I have something for you! In addition to the products offered below, we have a large assortment of cups that we can adapt to the type of celebration. Please contact us by e-mail or telephone for details. You are welcome!




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Prize - souvenir - gift

Cups have more than one use. Sports cups They are an indispensable part of any kind of competition. They make it possible to honour the winners and at the same time become a unique souvenir of success, which will last for years, retaining its shine. However, it is not only sportsmen and sportswomen who can be proud of the cups occupying a place of honour on their shelves. Commemorative cups Gifts on the occasion of anniversaries, promotions or victories in non-sporting competitions are also a common and popular way to commemorate important events. After all, twenty years of working for one company or 15 years of marriage is also a kind of victory that deserves a special commemoration. Cups with engraving They are therefore an excellent way to immortalise great moments and important events. Such a keepsake will look great in any interior and command attention.

Cups with engraving - always unique

Cups with engraving available at, regardless of what event they relate to, are characterised by their uniqueness. This is all thanks to the possibility to create any dedication, which will be placed on the cup. The method of laser engraving, which we use, allows you to create your own inscription using any font, its size and placement. Due to its extreme precision, laser engraving enables very detailed reproductions to be created. You can therefore place not only the inscription or dedication, but also any logo on the cup. Each project is carefully consulted so that the final product fully meets your expectations. Laser engraving is a permanent method and all products are made of the highest quality materials, so the cups with engraving available in our shop will satisfy even the most demanding customers and will last for years, maintaining their attractive appearance and reminding of extraordinary moments.