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Precisely crafted, they are an eye-catcher although their dimension is discreet. They look great on the lapel of a jacket, and are a decoration that emphasises your brand and style. We cut the metal pins precisely on CNC machines, adjusting the shape of the pin to your logo. Pins with any graphic or text can be engraved or printed with special inks in any colour. Each pin can be finished with a colourless doming poured on the surface of the pin.




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Metal pin. Symbol - affiliation - agitation

Man is a social being, which makes him have certain requirements. The American psychologist Abraham Maslow created a pyramid of needs, defining what a person needs in order to live. The scientist placed biological and physiological needs as the basis of the hierarchy. However, the subsequent levels already referred to psychological aspects. The middle tier of the pyramid is the need to belong, but treated in multiple ways - as being in a group of friends, links with closer and distant family, presence among co-workers, membership in a club or team, presence among followers of certain ideas, etc. We often display such affiliation by using symbols to suggest to those around us that we are part of a certain group with common goals, environment, views or tasks. Accessories - elements of clothing or jewellery, can suggest to the general public that we are part of a larger whole. One such symbol might be metal pins, so-called pins with the logo of an organisation, school or university, company, or with a specific sign suggesting the views held.

Pins - charming decoration, symbolic meaning

Metal pin, due to their small size, are a delicate highlight to an everyday outfit. Whether with a suit or a denim jacket, pinsy they always look good and stylish. They are a subtle, unobtrusive decoration with which we can signal to those around us that we belong to a particular environment - such as a school or a company. However, their symbolic meaning need not be limited to the organisation's logo. If we are celebrating a special occasion, such as a company anniversary, we can also use the pins signal this to the environment. Metal pins for jackets are a manifestation of our belonging, which at the same time enlivens everyday styling as a subtle and stylish adornment.  

A unique range of jacket pins for every taste

In the shop we offer metal pins for blazers in many designs. Brass pins They are easy to attach to clothing and the choice of many designs and shapes is huge. The possibility of placing any logo means that you will find the perfect design for your needs. The high quality will satisfy even the most demanding customers, for whom precision and robustness are very important. The UV print is extremely durable and clear. If you want to add a special touch, metal pins can take on a 3D convex form that makes the pins look extremely impressive - especially in an elegant and eye-catching case. Pins Gifted in exquisite packaging, they make a stylish gift that is sure to be positively received and appreciated. In addition, the case makes it easy to store and protects against loss. The possibility of creating any print allows you to tailor the pin to your needs and expectations. Personalised orders are carefully consulted each time to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.