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Engraved immortals

An engraved immortal is an original idea for a successful gift that is perfect for almost any occasion. No matter what inscription you put on it, you can be sure that it will have a special meaning for the person who will wear it. We encourage you to take a look at our offer of engraved immortals and design your own ornament, which will become a unique keepsake for a loved one.



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Immortelle - what is it?

The immortal is called a necklace with a distinctive plate, which was used primarily in the military as early as the 1960s. At the time, data was placed on the plate to help identify the soldier in case of death or injury. Over time, the function of engraved immortals has changed somewhat, and today we increasingly see them as a styling element on both men and women.

An engraved immortal, otherwise known as a dog tag, is an interesting gadget that is now available in many forms. Its simple, universal form makes it a favorite piece of men's jewelry, regardless of the preferred style or age of the owner. Importantly, a lot of important information can be stamped on engraved immortals, such as blood type, established allergies or mention of a chronic disease.

What do engraved immortals look like?

Engraved immortals are nowadays decorative elements that primarily serve a practical function. Usually there are steel chains available, but those who care about jewelry made of a more noble material can use silver or gold-plated immortals, which can prove to be a wonderful memento of an important event, such as a baptism, communion, wedding or the birth of a child.

Many immortals with engraving have a double tinsel, which makes a characteristic buzzing sound when moving. To avoid this, it is worth opting for a model with an additional silencing rubber band, the so-called silencer. Thanks to this simple solution, the immortal will be completely inaudible, even when bumping against, for example, keys.

Immortal with engraving - which one to choose?

Personalization of jewelry means that we can take advantage of hundreds of different ideas to decorate the immortal with engraving in an unconventional way. Usually such a gadget is chosen by people who want to wear it around the neck, but it happens that some people plan to attach it, for example, to a wallet or keys. On the tin it is good to put a short dedication with a quote or a favorite motto. If, on the other hand, it is to be a gift for an important occasion, it is worth that the engraved immortal is enriched with the date of the wedding or first meeting, the name of a loved one or the date of birth of a child.

In Grawernia we offer a large selection of immortals with engraving, on which we make a permanent engraving using a fiber laser. We sell each product complete with an elegant cardboard case, making it a great gift in itself for a loved one.