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Mugs with engraving

Standard mugs can't stand up to the competition. Stickers peel off, prints come off. The only way to achieve durability is laser engraving. That's why we also offer specially made mugs. Durable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing.

Kubki z grawerem



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Start your day with your favorite coffee in a custom engraved mug

Do you wake up in the morning and all you dream about is a mug of aromatic, freshly brewed coffee? Your morning can become even more beautiful if you prepare this energizing beverage in a mug with an engraving featuring a motivational quote or a photo of someone close to you. If, on the other hand, you don't have time to savor the taste of your favorite "small black", just prepare it in a thermal mug with an engraving, which you can take with you anywhere - to work, school or on a trip.

At Grawernia, we have prepared for you a wide range of personalized mugs with your own engraving, which are distinguished by unique designs and styles. You can design each of them so that they become not only one of many kitchen accessories, but above all a faithful friend that will accompany you in perfect condition for many years. All mugs with engraving are enriched with graphics, lettering or logos made with a precise laser, which protects them from damage and color loss.

Thermal mugs with engraving - essential gadgets for work and travel

Thermal mugs with engraving are gadgets that have taken by storm the hearts of people who travel a lot and want to enjoy the warmth and taste of their favorite drink for many hours. No wonder - their small size and specially developed design make them fit easily into any purse or backpack, while maintaining the right temperature of the drink for up to 12 hours.

Wondering which thermal mug with your own engraving to choose? You can choose from a variety of models, ranging from classic mugs with an engraved inscription and a flip up sip and leak proof closure, to thermal mugs with your own engraving enhanced with additional elements, such as a tea strainer or a manual coffee grinder.

Mugs with engraving - a unique gift for any occasion

Mugs with engraving are still one of the most popular gifts, which are great for birthdays, Valentine's Day or housewarming, among other occasions. Such gadgets are also worth buying in sets, creating the perfect gift for a bride and groom, parents, grandparents or yourself - any occasion is a good one to treat yourself to!

Wondering how to create a mug with your own engraving? It's really easy. All you have to do is choose the model you like best, and then provide the information that should be on it - your favorite quote, motto, graphic or photo. We, on the other hand, will do our best to make sure that the design prepared by us meets your expectations.