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Alcohol packaging

From breastplates to wine or whiskey cases to wine cases with wine utensils. The possibilities for alcohol packaging are many. Thanks to our proposals, everyone can choose one that will be suitable for the occasion during which it will be given. We make each gift with individual laser engraving or colorful direct UV printing.



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There are many options for gift alcohol packaging, from breastplates to wooden wine or whiskey boxes to wine cases with wine utensils. Thanks to our suggestions, everyone can choose such alcohol packaging that will be suitable for a particular occasion. We can enhance each gift with individual laser or color engraving, with additional UV printing.

Alcohol packaging - what to choose?

One of the most difficult issues when wrapping gifts is finding the right packaging for alcohol. Many people in this situation reach for paper wine bags, which are available in almost every supermarket. However, any gift will look much more interesting if you put it in an unconventional package, such as a wooden box for alcohol - wine, whiskey or any other beverage. Its undeniable advantage is not only its durability and excellent protection of alcohol from damage, but also the possibility of decorating it with an elegant engraving and graphics, so that the gift gains a more personal character.

Wooden wine boxes with engraving - perfect for any occasion

At Engravernia we have prepared for you a variety of interesting ideas for an original wine box, which will be perfect as a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, as well as wedding gift, among others. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for a different model of wooden wine box. While for an 18th birthday party the ideal option will be a wooden liquor box with a set of glasses and a personalized engraving, for a wedding we suggest a wooden wine box, which will make the newlyweds' moments spent together more pleasant.

If, on the other hand, you want to give something special to a true connoisseur of good drinks, then it is worth investing in wooden liquor boxes, which are available with accessories such as a corkscrew, a bottle stopper, a silverware cutter and a bottle neck band. Each box can be decorated with an engraving of your choice in the form of an inscription or a short dedication.