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Wooden waiter's payers

Waiter's payers, otherwise known as bill cases, are small-sized accessories that are an important part of the equipment of any catering establishment. Engraved inscriptions or graphics on them make the company more prestigious in the eyes of customers. Check our offer and invest in wooden restaurant billfolds, which will take care of a consistent visual identification of your establishment!



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Personalized waiter payers - why invest in them?

It is said that about 65% of the population are visual learners, i.e. people in whom the greatest engagement is generated by visual content and images. So it's not surprising that it's the elegant waiter's paymaster that becomes the element that triggers positive associations in customers related to a given dining establishment. However, let's remember that in matters of restaurant or cafe equipment, details are most important, so it is worth ensuring that the waiter's payer is not only practical, but also visually attractive.

Payers for restaurants with a visible company logo are an excellent advertising element, which allows you to better display your brand, as well as make a positive impression on guests visiting your establishment. Importantly, by choosing waiters' payers made of natural materials, such as wood, you show your customers that you care about the environment and even in your daily work you are guided by the good of the planet.

Payers for restaurants available at Grawernia - bet on functionality and durability!

Do you run a catering establishment and want to serve your customers the bill on an elegant wooden board? Specially for you, we design unique waiter's payers made of high-quality birch plywood, which we laser-cut and then apply UV printing on them, which includes your company's logo and any text, such as "Thank you". Importantly, we add a practical metal clip to each waiter's payer to protect the receipt from falling.