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Original birthday gifts

A personalized gift for a birthday is an excellent way to show how important the other person is to us. However, it is important that it not only has sentimental value, but is also functional and useful in everyday life. Don't have an idea for an original birthday gift for your partner, friend or family member? Take advantage of our inspiration that we have prepared for you at Grawernia!



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Gifts for birthdays in unique style

Birthday is definitely one of the most beautiful days of the year, which requires a special celebration. According to tradition, the birthday boy or girl receives smaller or larger birthday gifts on this day, which are designed to bring a radiant smile to his face, and at the same time show how important he is to his loved ones. Contrary to what you might think, however, birthday gifts do not have to be expensive and luxurious. On this day, remembrance is the most important thing, and a small gift can only be symbolic.

However, it is important that birthday gifts are durable, functional and can serve the gifted person for a long time. Finding such a gift can sometimes prove difficult and complicated for the person going to the birthday party. Therefore, we come to your aid and present our best ideas for original birthday gifts available at Gravernia.

Fun birthday gifts for an eighteenth birthday party

The eighteenth birthday is a special holiday that presents a huge challenge for guests when it comes to choosing a birthday gift. One thing is certain - the gift given for the occasion must be original, original, and preferably it should also have a touch of humor. How to combine all this? There are many ideas, but our firm favorite is the funny First Million Diploma with a special window in which you can put hundred zloty bills. The diploma can also feature a special laser-engraved dedication, giving your birthday gift a personalized touch.

Our second suggestion for an original birthday gift for an 18th birthday is a wooden photo puzzle packed in a wooden case with a print to be arranged. The secret of this gift is that you can put any photograph on it, which is related to the funniest moments of the birthday boy's life. The puzzles are laser-cut from sturdy birch plywood, so they are not only durable, but also provide great workmanship.

Elegant birthday gift ideas

Need a birthday gift that will allow you to celebrate your birthday in a special way? We leave at your disposal a wealth of exclusive gifts for birthdays, which are also perfect for other occasions, such as anniversaries or wedding celebrations. Examples include an engraved glass vase or an engraved decanter for whiskey, wine and liquor. All of these gifts are very durable and elegant, and are great for everyday situations.

An equally interesting proposal for an original birthday gift with a touch of class is a trophy made of very thick (18 mm) glass with a symmetrical shape. We can place a precise laser engraving on the trophy according to the design prepared by the ordering party. The trophy is sold complete with an elegant blue box lined with fabric, thanks to which such a birthday gift gains an uncommon character.

Engraved birthday gifts for every budget

Wanting to give an engraved birthday gift to a loved one, we do not have to spend a lot of money at all. In our wide assortment you can find a variety of interesting gift ideas in different price ranges. Among them are both inexpensive gifts, such as a wooden fly with engraving and printing or a liquor box, as well as those from the higher price range, as exemplified by a large wooden frame with a photo and engraved thanks, as well as a glass cake tin with an elegant engraving. We cordially invite you to take a look at our offer!