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Metal medals

The culmination of sports competition is the presentation of awards to the athletes lined up on the podium. To all those looking for awards that will emphasize the solemn dimension of an important moment, we are very pleased to present engraved metal medals - high-class awards that will become a beautiful memento of moments of triumph, regardless of the occasion.



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Engraved metal medals - quality is in the details

All metal medals presented on our site impress with their refined form. Among the available variants there is no shortage of both classic, round models suspended on a decorative ribbon, and CNC-made brass medals enclosed in an impressive wooden case. An interesting solution is to enrich the metal surface with UV color printing. Extremely elegant, glossy or matte metal medals are laser engraved, so that the made inscription is clear, does not rub off and does not deteriorate over the years. - we appreciate creativity!

Unconventional solutions are our specialty. In our daily work, we do everything to meet even unusual wishes of customers and provide personalized products of the highest quality. Metal medals presented in the online store can be freely modified according to your preferences. Our experienced graphic designers prepare a design that meets your guidelines. Only after its approval will the medal go into production. The priority of flexible understanding of the customer's needs ensures that each product strictly corresponds to individual expectations.