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Engraved gravestone plaques (Memorial plaques)

Engraved tombstone and memorial plaques are an excellent way to pay special tribute to a deceased person and one who has served the community in some way. Our plaques are made of high quality materials, on which we engrave and cut the appropriate design. The multitude of varied materials, colors and styles of finishes makes us able to adapt to the needs of each customer.



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Gravestone plaques with a message

There comes a time in everyone's life when they are faced with the need to say goodbye to a loved one and honor the bond that united them. And although these are extremely difficult moments, sooner or later we are forced to choose a plaque and a gravestone plaque, on which information about the deceased is placed. A photo, a subtle graphic or a short text full of emotion - each of these elements will forever remind us of who lies in a particular grave and how important the person was to us.
Tombstone plaques now come in various forms - as single, double and children's plaques. Although until recently they were mainly made of materials such as granite, sandstone or marble, today we are increasingly seeing elegant gravestone plaques made of black engraving laminate, on which any content and graphic motif can be engraved. Importantly, such plaques are very durable, and the inscription obtained on them is not only precise, but above all impressive.

Commemorative plaques for special occasions

A memorial plaque for a monument, building or to be placed in a church is an element that allows you to commemorate the important merits of the person to whom it is dedicated. It is impossible to define unequivocally what the ideal memorial plaque should look like - each plaque is appropriately adapted to the place where it is to be placed, as well as to the person to whom we want to pay tribute. However, it is important to skillfully choose the material of manufacture and the method of finishing, so that the plaque will last as long as possible in perfect condition.

At Grawernia, we have specialized for many years in designing elegant brass memorial plaques, on the surface of which we perform irregular brushing and varnishing. We cut each plaque using CNC technology on a milling-engraving machine, and then engrave a personalized inscription or graphic. Importantly, both photographs and black fill engravings are made in advanced UV printing technology, which ensures excellent visual effect and many years of durability of the memorial plaque.

If none of the designs of tombstone and memorial plaque presented by us appealed to you, please contact us. Based on the information we get, we will try to prepare a special design for you, which we will then send to you for verification. We know how important it is to commemorate the passing of a loved one or people who have done a lot for society, which is why we carry out each project with extreme precision and care.