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Looking for a unique gift idea? Photo painting on canvas is the perfect gift for an anniversary, wedding day, birthday and any important celebration for you. The photo is printed on canvas with UV inks, which guarantee durable and beautiful colors. Simply choose your favorite photograph and create a painting that will be a wonderful addition to your living room, bedroom or children's room.




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Looking for an original gift idea for an anniversary, wedding or birthday? Photo painting on canvas is a unique gift that will emphasize the unique character of any celebration! Choose your favorite photograph and we will print it on canvas using UV inks, which guarantee a durable image and vivid colors.

Photo images on canvas - personalized gift with 3D effect

Trends are changing, technologies are becoming more advanced, but one thing still remains the same - our love for photographs that proudly display on the wall in the living room, bedroom or children's room. And while not so long ago our interiors were mainly dominated by photos in decorative frames, today photo images on canvas are very popular. Compared to traditional photographs, those printed on canvas are extremely durable and maintain vivid colors much longer than paper.

Interestingly, photo paintings give a much more interesting, deeper character to the image, so they look perfect on the wall in any interior. Even if you place them in a room that has a very high access to natural light, the surface of a photo painting on canvas with a satin or matte finish will not give unnecessary glare. An important advantage of printing on canvas is also an attractive price. If you compare the cost of framing a paper photograph, you may find that the price of a photo painting is much lower than that of a standard photographic print.

Photo images on canvas, or maybe photo prints on plexiglass?

An interesting alternative to a photo painting on canvas is a photo backdrop printed on acrylic glass, the so-called Plexiglas or Plexiglas. Such a decoration is composed of a sheet of thick glass (usually 4-5 mm thick), on which we can print any graphics. Acrylic is a peculiar material, which is distinguished by its smooth and slightly shiny surface, as well as its resistance to water, so it can be easily kept clean. Photo wallpaper on plexiglass is therefore a great solution for allergy sufferers and those looking for an original decorative accent for the kitchen or bathroom.

Photo wallpapers printed on plexiglass transmit light very well, but still emphasize the depth of the colors obtained on the graphic, while protecting it from fading. It is also worth mentioning that, unlike traditional glass paintings, photopaintings are much lighter and unbreakable, which allows them to be carried freely anywhere.

Photo paintings on canvas and plexiglass at

There is nothing more beautiful than a gift that hides the power of wonderful memories, feelings and emotions. At Grawernia, we like to share with you our inspirations for unusual gifts and decorations that can be used for any occasion, as exemplified by photo images and photo wallpapers. No matter what design, material or size you decide on, you will find what you need in each case.

The printing on our canvas photo paintings is done using digital UV printing, which is resistant to sunlight, thus guaranteeing many years of image durability. In the case of photo wallpapers on plexiglass, we use a sheet of acrylic glass, on which we print the image and then place the chosen text or slogan. Minimalist form combined with personalized look makes our decorations will look great in any home, hotel, restaurant or office.