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Metal and acrylic stands



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Metal and acrylic stands are accessories that will come in handy in any catering establishment, as well as anywhere you need to clearly mark your products. At Grawernia, we specialize in designing personalized metal stands, which we enhance with any engraving with text, graphics or a symbol of your choice.

Metal stands - take care of ergonomics in your restaurant

Every restaurateur realizes how important it is to properly display dishes that are laid out, for example, on a buffet table. Placing them in a conspicuous place to which every customer has access is one thing, but an equally important issue is the proper labeling of individual dishes. Of course, we can write the names of dishes on pieces of paper and put them next to the tableware, but the risk of staining or damaging such a label is considerable. Therefore, with the help of practical metal stands, which successfully replace paper blanks.

Metal stands are, first of all, very durable - they are not afraid of high temperatures, dirt or mechanical damage. Importantly, the stainless steel from which they are made is considered the safest material for contact with food, so we can safely place them near the dishes being served. Another great advantage is the possibility of engraving metal stands, which allows us to get personalized labels with any inscription or graphics. Such accessories have proven themselves in the HoReCa industry for years - whether in restaurants, milk bars, cafes, ice cream parlors or bakeries.

Elegant acrylic stands for the office or hotel

Do you want to mark the positions of employees in your office or leave a message at the hotel reception desk about the temporary absence of the receptionist? Acrylic stands are a great way to improve communication in almost any office or service space. The acrylic we use at Grawernia to manufacture acrylic stands is laser cut and then heat bent, so we are able to give it the right shape. We cover such an acrylic coating with a special engraving laminate in the color of your choice, on which we place a special inscription or symbol.

We know that each of our customers has completely different needs and expectations with regard to metal and acrylic stands, so we encourage you to contact us by email or phone before purchasing. Our specialists will help you choose the right model of metal stand and indicate which types of engraving you can use.