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Business card holders

Every businessman does his best to take care of even the smallest details that create his image as a true professional. Therefore, his briefcase cannot lack an elegant, personalized business card holder, in which he safely stores his business cards. Check out our range of sturdy business card holders with engraving and design any graphic, inscription or short dedication on them!



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Business card holder or business card case - what's the difference?

In times when we store all the most important data on a computer disk or in a smartphone, it would seem that a business card holder is a completely unnecessary gadget. However, as it turns out, many people still reach for classic solutions and want to emphasize their professionalism in every possible way. For this reason, investing in a small business card holder seems to be a great solution for creating a consistent corporate identity.

What is a business card holder? It is nothing more than a small version of a wallet, in which we can place up to a dozen business cards and necessary documents, such as a driver's license. There are also accessories on the market known as business card cases. These are small boxes that can hold up to a dozen business cards. Unfortunately, we will not be able to store anything but business cards in such a case.

What to pay attention to when choosing business card holders for men and women?

Office supply stores often divide business card holders into men's and women's, as well as pocket and stand-up ones. By far the most popular are personalized pocket business card holders, which is mainly due to their functionality. Such gadgets take up little space, so you can always have them with you.

Standing business card holders, on the other hand, are recommended for use mainly in the office, where they can serve an advertising function, as well as emphasize the prestige of the company. In both cases, we can choose between men's and women's business card holders made of leather, metal or plastic. Thus, when choosing a particular model of business card holder, it is worth considering both the material of its manufacture and the form of work - office or field.

Elegant business card holders with engraving

With a view to all those who rely on business elegance during their daily work, we at Graweria have prepared a large selection of men's business card holders and women's business card holders, which ensure not only protection of paper from damage, but also comfortable use. Following the diverse needs and tastes of our customers, we offer elegant Dan Barmore Eneko business card holders, made entirely of metal, as well as those with an admixture of cork (e.g. Elena women's business card holders) and leather business card holders, which are available in various color variants.

At Grawernia, we also specialize in designing personalized business card holders with engraving. Using a UV laser, we make any engraving on them with a dedication, name (or initials), as well as a logo. This gives each of our products an individual character and in itself becomes an excellent business card for the company.