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Gifts for wedding anniversary

For those who want to commemorate their wedding anniversary, laser-engraved gifts are an excellent and proven solution. We offer a range of solutions, from diplomas to glass trophies. All with a personalized inscription or image to match expectations.



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Laser-engraved gifts are a proven solution for those people who want to commemorate their wedding anniversary in a unique way. At Engravernia, we have prepared for you a number of interesting ideas for an original wedding anniversary gift that is sure to delight your loved one. All products are personalized and enriched with an individual inscription or graphic, according to your expectations.

Engraved gifts for wedding anniversary - do it with your head!

Giving gifts is definitely the best way to commemorate important life events, such as a wedding anniversary. Although, as you know, on such a day we care mostly about the closeness and presence of our partner, knowing that he or she has prepared something for us that symbolizes love and commitment to the relationship is invaluable. Your spouse's surprise and emotion will certainly be all the greater if you add personalized touches and a few unconventional details to such a gift, making a seemingly ordinary wedding anniversary gift into something one-of-a-kind. Show your loved one that whether it's your first or 50th wedding anniversary, this day can be celebrated in many wonderful ways!

Original gift for a wedding anniversary - romantic and touching

A wedding anniversary is really a celebration of two people, so it is worthwhile that gifts for a wedding anniversary allow the spouses to move with their memories to those beautiful moments when they vowed to love each other until the grave. Therefore, a great idea for the occasion will be an elegant Exclusive Gold acrylic clock with a photograph from the wedding day, which will allow to commemorate the important ceremony for lovers. Importantly, each clock is created according to the design prepared by the customer and includes a photograph of his choice and the content of the dedication.

An equally interesting inspiration for an original gift for a wedding anniversary is a wooden photo box with a closure for two magnets, in which the spouses can store all sorts of mementos and wedding photographs. We can also put any photograph on the box, which is prepared in digital UV printing.

Fun gifts for a wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary is the perfect occasion to enjoy and let your imagination run wild. Looking for an engraved wedding anniversary gift with a humorous touch? Our suggestion is an engraved pillowcase that will make any sleeper laugh. We can put the inscription of your choice on the material, such as "He always knows better" or "She's always right", and add the name of the recipient. Another option is to purchase an attractive medal, which we will give to our spouse as a thank you for the years they have lived together. With it, we will show our loved one that he or she is a husband or wife to the medal, and his or her love gives us wings every day.

Practical wedding anniversary gifts for parents and friends

Finding the perfect wedding anniversary gift for a loved one is no small feat for many people. The matter is even more difficult when it comes to finding a practical wedding anniversary gift for parents, grandparents or friends. In each of these situations, it is important to remember that the gift should carry a slightly different message and be tailored to the age and tastes of the jewelers.

If you need something special for an original wedding anniversary gift for parents or grandparents, an acrylic statuette with a floral motif, which is made of transparent Plexiglas and enhanced with personalized UV printing, may be a good idea. The second option is an anniversary diploma on a wooden backing, which features a plaque with a laser-engraved dedication. The diploma can be matched with an elegant case, making the set a great wedding anniversary gift.

And what kind of wedding anniversary gift to choose for your friends? In this case, we can opt for something more casual, such as an engraved butter dish, a liquor or whiskey decanter with a personalized engraving on it, or an elegant engraved vase to give along with a bouquet of fresh flowers.