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Self-printed fridge magnets

Refrigerator magnets with your own imprint are gadgets that have proven themselves for many years as a unique souvenir from a trip, an advertising medium or a magnetic label with a photo to promote a region. Magnet is also a great idea for a small gift for a loved one to whom we want to give something nice. See what proposals we have prepared for you and choose among them the one you like the most!



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Fridge magnets with company logo - a great idea for company advertising

There's no denying that refrigerator magnets with logos are an excellent marketing tool that attracts customer attention and encourages them to use the company's services. Such a gadget can serve as a small gift from the company, as well as an advertising material used during business events, conferences, presentations or tastings. With our clients in mind, we offer both classic, wooden refrigerator magnets with logos, as well as practical bottle openers with magnets, which can also be enriched with the company's logo.