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Acknowledgements for parents

Diplomas, crystals or cubes? Souvenirs for parents can have very different forms. It is important that they are personalized and tailored to their expectations. The laser-engraved keepsakes we offer are of the highest quality and class.



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Diplomas, statuettes, boxes or maybe boards? Souvenirs chosen as thank-you gifts for parents can come in different shapes and forms. However, the most important thing is that they are personalized and individually tailored to the expectations of our loved ones. At Grawernia, we have prepared a large selection of gifts for thanking parents on their wedding day, which are laser engraved, giving them a unique character.

Thanks to parents for the wedding and reception

A wedding and reception is an unforgettable experience not only for the bride and groom, but also for their parents. After all, it is on this day that they become witnesses to their children's creation of a new and wonderful family. In order to appreciate the effort put into their upbringing, the love shown every day, as well as the tremendous support in difficult moments, newlyweds take pleasure in cultivating one of the most beautiful wedding customs, which is the presentation of small gifts to their parents, which act as a thank you to their parents.

Some on that day opt for the classic gift for thanking parents in the form of a bouquet of fresh flowers and a box of chocolates. Others, on the other hand, want this gift to be not only unique, but above all to carry practical value and to remind parents of their children every day. So, let's try to choose such a thank-you gift for parents at the wedding that will be a long-lasting memento for them, and at the same time allow them to express their gratitude for what they have done for us.

What kind of engraved thank you gift for parents to choose?

There is no denying that the most beautiful thanks to parents at a wedding is the happiness of their children, a few warm words spoken by the newlyweds in the presence of guests and a joint dance. To make this day even more magical, however, we can think about buying a small gift that is sure to bring a tear of emotion to the eyes of our loved ones. So what should we choose for a gift as a thank you to parents? There are many ideas, but in this regard it is worth considering what our parents like and what would make them happy.

One of the most popular suggestions for thanking parents at a wedding is a striking glass statuette printed with a photograph and a short dedication. The statuette is in the form of a glass cuboid, which beautifully refracts the rays of light and creates a spectacular visual effect. Such a statuette can be enriched with a photograph featuring both parents and children - placed on a shelf, it will bring a radiant smile to the parents' face every time.

And what about the situation when the parents are connoisseurs of taste and good wine? Then as a thank-you gift for parents it is worth choosing a wooden wine bottle case with a beautiful engraving with a personalized dedication. If, on the other hand, parents appreciate classics and timelessness, then in such a situation the ideal thank-you gift for parents at the wedding may be an elegant diploma on a wooden backing, which features a photograph of the newlyweds and a special dedication to the parents. Such an impressive gift will look great on the wall in the family home.

When to give thanks to parents at a wedding?

Many newlyweds wonder when is the ideal time to give thanks to parents at the wedding, so that it comes out originally and at the same time naturally. In fact, there is no single ready solution for when to plan this important moment. Some choose to make a public speech in front of the guests right after arriving at the wedding hall, while others prefer to leave this custom for later in the wedding reception or opt for a private thank-you, without the presence of other guests. Any time to thank the parents is a good time, as it allows the bride and groom to express their gratitude for the care, love and effort involved in their upbringing. This is worth remembering especially if the parents helped the lovers with the wedding reception.