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made of stone

Diplomas made of stone? Why not! Once again we prove that unusual solutions are our specialty. High-quality certificates and diplomas made of slate stone are the brightest shining pearl in the crown of's assortment. Unconventional, elegant and extremely stylish... these are just a few of the adjectives with which these products can be described. Can you imagine a better award for a deserving employee, a winner of a prestigious competition or a trusted contractor?

dyplomy z kamienia



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Stone diplomas for the discerning

Stone diplomas are dedicated primarily to those looking for unconventional solutions of the highest class. Diplomas owe their unique character to the use of unusual materials - beautiful natural stone and gold or silver brushed tiles. On each plate a dedication is laser-engraved. Each element is made with the utmost precision, so that the diploma impresses with its refined form.

Tailor-made slate stone diplomas

To ensure that each product meets the individual expectations of the buyer one hundred percent, the project is created according to the strict guidelines of the ordering person. Before the stone diploma gets into the hands of the customer, the template prepared by the graphic designer must pass the stage of approval. The use of modern production methods and impressive materials, unusual templates and creativity of our graphic designers make our stone diplomas very popular.