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Plaques with dedication

Dedication should be done in a personalized way. This is its nature and therefore the best way to make a dedication plaque is laser engraving. The products we offer are made precisely, with materials of the highest quality.



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Metal plaques with engraving are products that allow you to convey important information in a unique way. In Grawernia we offer a large selection of plaques with dedication, on which the inscription is placed using laser engraving or mechanical milling. As a result, the plaques are made with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Metal plaques with engraving

Metal plaques with dedication can serve many functions. Some people use them to put important information on the door of their office or study, while others want to use them to mark natural monuments or other important historical sites. The functionality of such metal plaques with engraving is enhanced by their convenient mounting - there are plaques with four special mounting holes, plaques with the possibility to hang them on a decorative chain and plaques with a dedication, which are glued from the bottom with double-sided tape and attached directly to the wall.

Plaques with engraving for thanks - the perfect addition to any gift

Recently, more and more people are abandoning the classic greeting cards for weddings, baptisms or communions, and instead reach for elegant plaques with engraving for thanks, which look perfect on a picture or a decorative box for a gift, among other things. Such a personalized plaque will add an extraordinary touch to any gift, and will become the perfect opportunity to express feelings and convey your warmest wishes coming straight from the heart.