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Colorful glass trophies

Everyone's life is marked by important dates that shine like diamonds against the background of daily routine. To ensure that important events do not blur in the darkness of memory, but, on the contrary, their recollection brings a smile to your face, it is worth celebrating them properly. Colorful glass trophies will be the best guardian of the memory of what we want to remember.



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Colored glass trophies - a tailor-made keepsake

To all those who are looking for a unique award for the winner of a competition, a loved one, a student or an employee, we are very pleased to present colored glass trophies. High quality trophies will be an excellent alternative to classic diplomas. You can be sure - each person awarded with an original statuette will feel really special. Colorful glass trophies owe their unconventional and impressive appearance to the use of high-quality glass, beautifully refracting the light and printing made with UV technology. High-quality materials, original designs and craftsmanship make each statuette refined to perfection.

Colorful glass trophies for any occasion

The colorful glass trophies available in our online store surprise you with their variety. Among the available models are classic standing statuettes in a variety of shapes, as well as glass medals or frames with a photo selected by the customer. Importantly, we have a flexible approach to each order, and our graphic designers do not resort to template designs. So you can be sure that the ordered trophy will meet individual expectations.