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Since 1993, we have specialized in the production of stamps for many companies and institutions. We produce each stamp using laser technology, thanks to which each stamp meets the highest global quality standards. Our assortment consists of leading brands (COLOP, TRODAT, WAGRAF) therefore the products we offer are of unquestionable quality.




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Office stamps and date stamps - essential accessories for any business

The proper functioning of any office and office is possible only when all the documents in it are properly organized. Unfortunately, maintaining harmony in documentation is not easy and requires devoting enough time and effort to it. To improve this daily work, it is worth investing in professional office stamps, such as date stamps and seals. Their rich functionality not only allows you to do things faster, but also reduces the risk of error in numbering or date marking.

How to make a good choice of stamps to increase productivity in the office? There is a large selection of different types of stamps, differentiated mainly by appearance and application. While name stamps will work especially well for large companies, compact ones daters can be successfully used in small offices and service and commercial points, where we care about the chronological order of documents.

An important consideration when choosing an office stamp is also its construction. Stamps with a steel backbone are the best option for intensive use, as they provide high resistance to wear and tear and mechanical damage. If, on the other hand, stamps and date stamps are used only occasionally, then a better solution is a compact stamp that is lightweight and will fit in your pocket.

Personalized stamps for special occasions

Not so long ago, stamps were associated only with practical office supplies that streamline daily work, but today their use is much wider, as exemplified by wedding stamps, among others. Thanks to them, spouses-to-be can easily change the look of their wedding stationery by decorating envelopes for wedding invitations or paper hang tags that are attached to gifts for guests.

Importantly, date stamps and wedding stamps can be freely personalized by choosing a stylistic theme, font and the inscription itself. Recently, floral accents and name stamps, which include both the names of the spouses and the date of their wedding, have become very popular. With such a stamp, an ordinary wedding invitation acquires a unique character and becomes a wonderful souvenir for both guests and the bride and groom.

We cordially invite you to get acquainted with our offer of date stamps and stamps, which we personalize according to the customer's requirements, taking care of their long-term durability and reliability.