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Badges for employees

The image of your company should be taken care of in every field. Even small, seemingly insignificant elements build our image in the eyes of customers, industry competitors, contractors. To all entrepreneurs who care about their business in the smallest details, we present name badges for employees - small badges, thanks to which your crew will cease to be anonymous.



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High quality name badges - emphasize the professionalism of your company!

The name badges we offer for employees are manufactured from metal, wood or high-quality engraving laminate. Fans of classic elegance will certainly be interested in badges for employees in the shape of a classic plate with slightly rounded corners, while fans of unconventional design - wooden bow ties with engraving. Do you run a restaurant serving American cuisine? The atmosphere of the establishment will be perfectly emphasized by name badges in the shape of a sheriff's star. Name badges are available in a variety of forms and colors, so you will easily find a variant that harmonizes with the specifics of your business. Name badges are laser engraved, so text and graphics are clear and will not rub off. store - trust the experience

When you choose name badges from the assortment of store, you choose, above all, uncompromising quality. All the name badges and other products we offer are made with the utmost care using modern laser cutting and engraving technology. The best confirmation of the reliable standard of our services and customer confidence is the European Quality Certificate TRUSTED SHOPS.