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Laminate badges for employees

Do you want to emphasize the professionalism of your employees in a subtle way? High-quality laminate badges will help you do this. Designed by our graphic designers, the badges will make no staff member anonymous. For all entrepreneurs wishing to build a consistent and refined image of their company, we present high-quality badges that will fulfill an aesthetic and practical function.



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Window badge - functional solutions for your convenience

The laminate badges we offer are available in a variety of shapes and colors, ranging from classic, elegant badges, through simple models made of colored engraved laminate, to fancy sheriff's stars. An interesting alternative to engraved badges is a badge with a window, which will prove especially valuable in places with a high turnover of employees (for example, restaurants or stores). Each laminate badge attaches to clothing with a magnet, safety pin or pin and a lock against detachment.

Stylish laminate badges of the highest quality

Laminate badges available at are made of high-quality materials that do not deteriorate under the influence of everyday use. In turn, the use of matte surfaces means that light does not reflect off the badge, ensuring the legibility of the information contained on the badge. Thanks to the laser engraving method, the inscription made is clear and even accidental washing in the washing machine will not wash away the engravings.