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Wooden flies

Wooden flies are stylish accessories that catch the eye and surprise with their unusual form. These items are made of durable 3 mm thick wood, which is then cut precisely with a laser and colored with UV printing technology. Our flies made of wood are a great idea for a gift, as well as an original corporate badge, used, among others, by restaurant staff.

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Why should you opt for a wooden fly?

Men are divided into two groups - those who are faithful to ties, as well as those who associate chic and elegance exclusively with the classic fly. This is not surprising - a bow tie is a versatile accessory that is perfect for both family gatherings and special occasions, such as weddings, communions and christenings. A perfect example of this are wooden flies, which look great with a sports shirt and jacket, as well as with an elegant suit or tuxedo.

Wooden bow ties are the perfect solution for those gentlemen who are not fond of tying ties and want to follow the latest fashion trends. This is because these accessories are part of the eco style, which is increasingly used in fashion. Importantly, an elegant wooden bow tie with engraving can be chosen by gentlemen of any age - young men who like to play with fashion, as well as men in their prime who appreciate classics and timelessness in any form.

Wooden fly with engraving - a unique gift from the heart

Recently, we see that more and more brides-to-be are reaching for wooden wedding flies. Thanks to them, they can introduce a touch of craziness and originality into their wedding styling. With this group of men in mind, we design personalized wooden flies with engraving, on which we make any UV print, such as the date of the wedding, the names of the spouses or a humorous sentence. Waiters can opt for a similar accessory, where an elegant wooden fly becomes an element that distinguishes the restaurant staff and increases the prestige of the company.