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Want to take care of your image and invest in elegant stationery that is not only timeless, but also practical? The ballpoint pens available in our offer will help you take notes, and at the same time provide speed and comfort while writing. On the other hand, their attractive appearance will make them perfect as a gift for various occasions.

Ballpoint pen - what is it and why should you choose it?

A ballpoint pen is a symbol of extraordinary class and elegance, which is valued mainly by people who opt for luxury and convenience in one. And although lovers of the traditional fountain pen are still many, today more and more people are choosing to buy a practical ballpoint pen, combining the features of a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen. Instead of a classic nib, you will find a special ball, from which the ink flows, placed in a cartridge similar to that of a ballpoint pen.

The ballpoint pen is light and comfortable when writing, and the text does not smear as it does when using a fountain pen. Therefore, it is perfect for left-handed people and those who care about ease and speed of writing. By choosing a brand-name ballpoint pen, you also don't have to worry about the ink staining your fingers or clothes, even if you want to jot down some important information quickly.

Who should opt for a ballpoint pen?

A ballpoint pen is an ideal choice for anyone who writes a lot and pays attention to the appearance and quality of the stationery they use. It is especially recommended for pupils and students, as well as for people who do office work and want to make it easier for themselves to perform daily tasks.
Importantly, an elegant ballpoint pen housed in a beautiful package is also an excellent gift idea for a loved one on the occasion of a birthday, name day or the upcoming Christmas. The unique character of the ballpoint pen is also emphasized by personalized engraving, which is made on the surface of the pen using a modern fiber laser.