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Flyer displays

Flyer displays are an essential marketing tool for anyone who wants to increase the visibility of their company. By placing them in a prominent location, you draw the attention of potential customers and encourage them to take advantage of your offer. At Grawernia you will find a wide selection of leaflet stands that you can use in your restaurant, hotel, store or office.



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Leaflet displays - reliable wherever people go

Although nowadays most advertising campaigns are directed to the Internet, traditional flyers, which are supposed to draw the customer's attention to the offer of a given company, are still very popular. In order to display them in the best possible way, it is worth using an aesthetically pleasing leaflet display, which is perfect both at industry events (job fairs, trade shows, conferences) and at the company's headquarters, including the office, restaurant or hotel.

Interestingly, it is only up to us what form the flyer display will take. Some of them are adapted to be displayed outdoors, but most of these types of stands look best indoors. Depending on your needs and preferences, leaflet displays can be made of plexiglass, acrylic covered with engraving laminate, texture or laminate. Thanks to their transparent design, such stands can be used to present a catalog, brochure, advertising prospectus or company flyer that will be visible from all sides of the room.