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Wedding invitations

You can use the same invitations that others use. Or you can choose a slightly more individualized option. Tailored to your requirements and giving you more options. The wedding invitations we offer are laser-cut works of art that will satisfy even the most demanding.

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Original wedding invitations - tradition intertwined with modernity

At a time when everyone has access to the Internet and social media, the custom associated with giving wedding invitations is gradually changing. Future spouses are increasingly choosing to inform family and friends of the upcoming important day in their lives by email or phone. But is it worth going with the times? In our opinion, yes, but we encourage you to do it in a completely different, unconventional way.
Wedding invitations, which you can find in our online store, differ significantly from what is offered by stores with wedding accessories. We are specialists in creating a "wow" effect and designing small works of art that will be remembered by the invited guests for a long time. All of our wedding invitations are laser cut on many different types of materials, from wood and glass to leather, rubber, plastic or metal. On each product we laser engrave personalized inscriptions, which are in accordance with the design prepared in cooperation with our team of graphic designers.

Wedding invitations - what style to choose?

When it comes to the nature of wedding invitations, today brides are limited only by their imagination. The offer of companies specializing in the design of wedding invitations is so large that everyone will easily find something suitable for themselves. Depending on the tastes, tastes and personality of the bride and groom, we can choose from accessories maintained in a variety of styles. It is worth that their appearance is consistent with the theme of the reception - contrary to appearances, it is the wedding invitations that give a unique character to the entire ceremony.

Timeless elegance, subtle accessories, subdued colors and impressive decor of the wedding hall - all this is associated with elegant wedding invitations in vintage style, which in recent years are very popular among brides. However, it is worth remembering that such unusual wedding invitations should not be combined with modern and distinctive wedding accents. An alternative to this solution are elegant shabby chic style wedding invitations, which are distinguished by the fact that they look as if they came from a bygone era.

Looking for something less elegant to liven up the entire arrangement of your reception? Opt for retro-style wedding invitations, which with their original design also refer to the past, but are in stronger, vivid colors. What you should also pay attention to is the possibility of enriching such a wedding invitation with fun accessories.

Wood, Plexiglas, or maybe acrylic? Create unique wedding invitations together with us

The style of the wedding invitation is one thing, but when deciding on unusual wedding invitations in Gravernia, you still need to think about choosing the right material on which to design them. For lovers of nature and rustic wedding receptions in the rhythm of slow, we recommend wedding invitations made of high-quality birch plywood, which are printed with innovative UV technology, according to the corresponding design chosen by the customer. For those who appreciate class and attention to detail, an excellent option will be elegant wedding invitations made of transparent plexiglass or acrylic, which will perfectly emphasize the unique character of the wedding reception, and at the same time become a wonderful memento of this important event.

Dreaming of an unusual wedding invitation? You've come to the perfect place - we are curious what challenge you have prepared for us!