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Engraved necklaces



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Personalized necklaces with engraving are a thoughtful gift that will remind you for years to come of the special feeling you have for the person you are gifting. Initials, anniversary date, favorite quote - it's up to you to decide what inscription will appear on your personalized necklace or medallion with engraving.

Engraved necklaces for her and for him

An engraved necklace is like a personal talisman that is supposed to always bring good luck and remind you of what is most important in life. Whether you want to gift it to celebrate Valentine's Day, an engagement, a birthday, an upcoming wedding anniversary or the birth of a child, an engraved necklace will allow you to express your feelings and capture your most beautiful moments in a slightly different way than a framed photo together. All you need to do is to choose the right design, and then add a personalized inscription or symbol to it, so that a seemingly ordinary gift takes on a unique character.

Engraved necklaces do not always have to be serious and romantic. If you're looking for a universal gift that will work well for both men and women, consider choosing an engraved necklace with a skull, guitar pick or thinker motif, which is decorated with a thin string. You can also add any inscription to such jewelry, for example, with a quote related to the passion of your loved one.

Medallions with engraving on the occasion of First Holy Communion

Medallions with engraving are a special kind of jewelry, which is reserved exclusively for special occasions, such as baptism, Holy Communion or Confirmation. Due to the momentous nature of each of these celebrations, finding the perfect engraved medal is not easy. Certainly, it should be not only elegant, but also durable and timeless, so that it will be a memento for the child for a lifetime.

Currently on the market we have both silver and gold engraved medallions, which are available in many interesting, sophisticated designs. Both types of jewelry are a great gift idea for a child, but if you care about a relatively low price and a subtle necklace design, pay attention primarily to silver engraved medallions, designed with an image of the Virgin Mary, Guardian Angel or Jesus, among others.

Unique necklaces and medallions with engraving at

Our online store offers a large selection of engraved necklaces and medallions with engraving, which are made of durable materials such as silver and brass. We want each of our products to be a beautiful keepsake for years to come, so we use a precision fiber laser to make personalized engraving on them related to the occasion for which the jewelry is given. Our team of graphic designers is also open to new challenges, so if you have an idea for an unusual design for an engraved necklace, contact us and we will try to make your dream a reality.