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Engraved vases

Engraved vases are an original gift idea for almost any occasion. Whether you are looking for something special for a birthday, wedding anniversary or a housewarming party at a friend's house, such a gift with a personalized inscription is sure to delight anyone who likes original decorations. Check out our suggestions and choose the perfect vase with engraving for your loved one!



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Engraved vases - an interesting alternative to the traditional bouquet of flowers

Flowers are still one of the most popular gifts for birthdays, weddings, Mother's Day or Grandmother's Day. Unfortunately, even the most beautiful bouquet will not stand the test of time and at some point will lose its striking appearance. However, at Graweria we know how to solve this problem. Instead of giving flowers, you can give as a gift an engraved vase, which will delight with its beauty for many years. Such a personalized flacon will hold countless flowers in the future, and at the same time will become a unique souvenir thanks to the inscription on it.

In our online store we have prepared a rich assortment of vases with engraving for birthdays or anniversaries, which are made of hand-formed glass. Their rectangular or slightly rounded form fits perfectly into the decor of any modern interior. On the vases with engraving for a gift we make a precise engraving with a fiber laser, according to the design chosen by the customer.

Unique vases with engraving for birthdays or wedding anniversaries

Finding the right gift for newlyweds is quite a challenge. It is worthwhile for such a gift to be not only a wonderful memento reminding of one of the most important days in their lives, but also to be used during everyday life. In this role, vases with an engraving for a wedding anniversary or nuptial ceremony, which will hold the bouquets given on the occasion of this special holiday, are ideal.

The same is true for birthday gifts or those given to parents as a gift from the bride and groom. Of course, we may be tempted to give the standard gift of a bottle of good wine or a gift basket full of sweets, but it is worth thinking about something special as well. A good idea on this occasion is to give a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with an engraved vase for the birthday or as a thank-you to the parents. We are confident that such a gift will touch more than one person and gain a place of honor in their home.

What kind of inscription to put on an engraved vase?

Personalizing an engraved vase is a great way to give a simple gift a personalized touch. The inscription placed on it can amuse or touch, but no matter which option you decide on, it is important that the gifted person can feel special thanks to it. We know very well that sometimes it is difficult to find the right words to express feelings towards someone very close to you. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about the choice of the inscription for the engraved vase or opt for one of the templates we offer.

Among the most popular designs placed on gift engraved vases are touching inscriptions that include birthday wishes or those for newlyweds. When designing the design of a vase with an engraving for an anniversary, it is worth including on it also a number indicating how many years the happy spouses have already lived together. Each vase can be freely personalized with names, selected graphics or your own wishes, which are addressed to the gifted person. If you have additional questions about the content you want to put on your engraved vase, please contact us by email or phone.