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Warning signs

Health and safety warning signs are among the most important signs placed in public buildings and workplaces. Among them, you can find signs informing about the failure of an appliance, close contact with a gas installation or the danger of low oxygen content. Check out our range of health and safety warning placards and keep your employees safe!



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Health and safety warning signs - why should they be used?

Health and safety warning signs are signs that are designed to warn of a specific hazard or potential danger to which people in the workplace are exposed. They enable a person to take the appropriate steps to ensure their safety in an emergency situation. As a result, warning placards help reduce accidents in the workplace, and in many cases can also indirectly save lives.

In our online store we offer a wide selection of health and safety warning signs, which are made of durable PVC plastic, resistant to weather conditions. On each plaque a colorful imprint has been prepared, obtained through UV technology. Our customers can choose from warning signs lined with foam tape or designed for self-assembly.

How to identify and where to place a health and safety warning sign?

Health and safety warning signs are usually in the shape of a yellow triangle or rectangle with black lettering and relevant graphics. Such signs should be placed wherever there is a danger associated with the work at a given position (such as chemical, physical or mechanical factors), as well as in those places where we are exposed to faulty equipment. It is worth noting that all OSH warning signs should meet the requirements of PN-EN ISO 7010, as well as those for occupational safety and health signs.