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Gifts for a housewarming party

Going to a housewarming party for your friends and have no idea what to give them as a gift? In Grawernia you will find a ready-made list of original housewarming gifts that are useful in everyday life, and at the same time bring a lot of smiles and joy to your new home. We invite you to take a look at our offer!



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The tradition of giving gifts for a housewarming party

Moving into a new home is a great opportunity to host a party for loved ones and celebrate life's big changes together. Tradition in our country says that when going for the first visit to a new home, one should never come empty-handed. Whether it's a big party or just a short meeting with the hosts, it's always a good idea to bring a housewarming gift that will become an extraordinary memento of this wonderful event. This small gift has another important function - it is to invite good luck and prosperity to the new house or apartment.

An original housewarming gift - what to choose?

It is not an art to give a housewarming gift that will be elegant and expensive - a much more difficult task is to choose such a gift that will not only be functional, but also interesting. Depending on who you want to give such a gift to, you can use many different ideas for an original housewarming gift. One of them is a set of wine glasses, which will serve the hosts for a long time, and also provide them with a lot of excitement during the evenings spent together in the new house.

Another equally interesting suggestion for an original housewarming gift is a set of cheese knives or a cheese board, which comes in handy during many family gatherings and parties. If, on the other hand, the homeowners are lovers of Japanese cuisine, you can give them an elegant sushi set for two, which consists of a bamboo placemat, chopsticks and bowls. And what about those who like gadgets with a touch of humor? For them, the perfect housewarming gift will be a soft pillow with a colorful pillowcase bearing a funny inscription or dedication.

A housewarming gift with engraving - a unique gift from the heart

At Grawernia, we make sure that each housewarming gift carries the power of feelings and is one of a kind. Therefore, we can make any engraving on each of them in the form of an inscription or graphic. This gives our original housewarming gifts a unique character, while maintaining their durability and strength.

Do you want a photograph of the party hosts to appear on your housewarming gift? No problem! One gift that will allow you to do so is a wooden clock made of durable laser-cut birch plywood, on which we can place a UV-printed photograph of your choice. Such a beautifully made clock given as an original housewarming gift is sure to add charm and coziness to any kitchen or bedroom.