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Door signs with any content or numbering are practical elements that will give your company's headquarters an elegant and professional look. At Grawernia, we design modern door signs that are made of the highest quality materials, including plexiglass, frosted acrylic, laminate and plywood. See what we can offer you!


Frosted Small Plaque - size 100x150mm - SPD018
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Frosted Small Plaque - size 100x150mm - SPD018

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Emphasize the prestige of your company with elegant door plaques

A personalized door plaque is an element that demonstrates the reputation of your company, while becoming its external business card. The signboard, which is placed at the entrance to an office, hotel, restaurant or store, also allows new customers to make the first contact with them. After all, how such a door sign is designed depends on whether your company makes a good impression on the customer. As you know, the first impression remains in the memory for a long time.

Who should consider creating their own personalized door plaque? It would be a good idea for such an item to be placed in any food and beverage establishment, such as a restaurant, cafe, wedding house, as well as in leisure facilities, including, but not limited to, hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes and spa resorts. Importantly, informational door plates are also used in facilities that provide medical services, i.e. in a hospital, a doctor's clinic or a dentist's office.

Door information signs for self-assembly

If you work in an establishment that requires an informational and advertising element in the form of a door sign, check out the products available in our online store. Printing on signs is done with UV technology, which ensures durable, vivid colors and the possibility of any personalization of the plate. Importantly, all of our door signs are designed for self-assembly and require no additional tools to attach them to the building wall.