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Wooden wedding vignettes

Personalized wedding vignettes with any content and graphics are unique decorations that help to keep order while seating wedding guests at the tables. In our offer you will find elegant wooden wedding vignettes that will successfully replace traditional paper business cards, and at the same time delight you with beautiful colors obtained through UV inks.



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Wedding vignettes - why should they appear at a wedding reception?

One of the decisions that future spouses must make is whether it's worth assigning a specific place to wedding guests, or whether it's better to leave them free in this regard. While for many couples wedding vignettes are decorations that absolutely must appear on the table, for others they are an unnecessary expense and another wedding challenge. As it turns out, both sides are somewhat right. Wedding vignettes, which are small pieces of paper with the name of the wedding guest, require this to plan the placement of guests at the table. Nevertheless, their choice has many benefits.

Increasingly, wedding vignettes are becoming not only a practical accent to facilitate the organization of the wedding, but also part of the decoration of the wedding reception, fully matching the theme of the celebration. What's more, they don't always have to look the same - it's up to the creativity of the bride and groom how they greet their guests. Wedding vignettes in the form of a key ring or a box with a small gift? Today anything is possible!

Wooden wedding vignettes - timeless beauty in a rustic style

If you are planning to organize a wedding in boho, slow or rustic style and want to surprise your guests with original decorations, bet on wooden wedding vignettes, which perfectly combine workmanship from natural materials and extraordinary functionality. Such items can be made of wooden plywood or slices of real wood, which adds to their charm, and at the same time blends perfectly with the entire arrangement of the reception. Importantly, wooden wedding vignettes are a fully ecological product, which has the necessary approvals for its contact with food. Therefore, they can be safely placed near food.

Unique wedding vignettes at

For many years we have enjoyed accompanying our clients during one of the most important days of their lives. We prepare personalized wedding vignettes for them, which are made of durable birch plywood with a thickness of 3 mm. Each product is precisely laser-cut by us, which allows us to achieve the perfect shape of the decoration. In our offer you can find a large selection of wooden wedding vignettes in a variety of styles, which replace traditional paper vignettes, and become a unique memento of your wedding day.
If you have not found a wedding vignette design that would fit the style of your reception, let us know. We are open to new challenges and creating more interesting decorations, so we will be happy to help you design your dream wedding vignette that will delight the revelers on your wedding day.