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Engraved gifts for the birth of a child

The birth of a child is a special event for the whole family, which requires a special celebration. We know this perfectly well, which is why we have prepared for you a large selection of original gifts for the birth of a child, which will become a wonderful keepsake for a lifetime. Check out our suggestions and find inspiration to create something one-of-a-kind!



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Personalized gift for the birth of a child - is it a good idea?

Personalization is an art that allows us to turn an ordinary gift into an unforgettable gift, hiding a wealth of feelings, emotions and memories. Most often such gifts are decorated with a name, a photo or a short sentence, thanks to which we can share our feelings with our loved ones. Not surprisingly, today they are becoming an ideal idea, among other things, for a gift for the birth of a child.

An original gift for the birth of a child is an excellent opportunity to give the little one something that will accompany him throughout his life. It is also an important message to the parent that we have put our whole heart into creating such a gift, and its purchase was not accidental. Personalization of a gift for the birth of a child also gives us unlimited possibilities in the choice of colors, design and engraving, so we can bring out the individual character of any seemingly simple gift.

Original gift for the birth of a girl

Wondering what to give a little princess who is just beginning to explore the world? In Grawernia you will find many interesting gift ideas for the birth of a girl, which will become a wonderful souvenir, and at the same time a beautiful toy for the little one. An example of this is a charming carousel with a music box, which is made of high-quality metal and mother-of-pearl. The possibility of detaching the base allows you to use the music box as a storage compartment for baby treasures, such as the first tooth.

Another of our proposals for an original gift for the birth of a child is a moneybox in the form of a horse made of mother of pearl. In the front part there is a small plate made of brass, on which you can engrave any dedication or date related to the birth or christening of a girl.

A unique gift for the birth of a boy

In your search for a personalized gift for the birth of a boy, your attention should be drawn to such treasures as a wooden nameplate with the baby's name on it and a wooden photo frame with an original engraving of the baby's name and the date of his birth, among others. Equally interesting inspiration for a gift for the birth of a child is a set of wooden plaques with months, which can be used during home photo shoots. With them, a parent can create a series of unforgettable photos that will become a unique souvenir of the baby's first year.

At Grawernia, we show that no two gifts for the birth of a child are the same. Each one is unique and one-of-a-kind, which is why we strive to contact the customer at every stage of its design so that we can fully realize their vision. We invite you to take a look at our offer!