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Frequency asked auestions

1. Do I need to make payment before the laser engraving and cutting service is provided?

Yes, due to the fact that the items ordered are made "for the customer", i.e. they contain personalisation, logos, companies or other data which are dedicated to a specific recipient. The laser engraving technique is an irreversible process, therefore it is not possible to remove the engraving (text, logo, dedication) and thus recover the engraved item for re-sale.

2. can I get the designs before placing an order?

and this begs the question.... does the customer take us seriously? because when we go to a restaurant, can we 'get' a free tasting of any dishes on the menu???? Not likely... Because every job requires the right effort, commitment, preparation, knowledge and lead time. Respecting the work and expertise of our team of graphic designers, we decided many years ago to stop sending designs and visuals to clients who "just want a tasting". One of the reasons for this was the use of our company by some advertising agencies as a free design studio. Therefore, an order placed with us is a guarantee that we are dealing with a serious customer to whom we automatically offer the support of our graphic design team during the design process until the final design is 100 per cent approved. In other words, we do not impose limits on the number of design revisions because what matters to us is a satisfied customer! We design until we are 100 per cent satisfied :)

3. How can I make a payment?

a) We recommend PayU, PayPal, Przelewy24, PayPro, PayNow - online payment systems integrated with the shop - payments can be made immediately after placing the order by choosing one of them. Information on how the payment systems work is available by clicking on the icons with the payment system logo or by visiting the websites of the online payment systems.


b) Free transfer by paying the amount due to our company account by postal order or transfer directly from your bank with the TITLE: the order number you specify:
- immediately after purchase
- in the order confirmation e-mail
- in the order book after you have logged into the shop.

Our data for "free transfer" payment type
GRAWERNIA Sp. z o.o.
33-300 Nowy Sącz, 24 Grodzka Street
Our account: mBank 49 1140 2004 0000 3302 5451 4821

4. Do you ship products abroad?

Yes, we send products to many countries in Europe as well as the USA. Our shop has an option in the top menu to switch to three currencies: GOLD, EURO and DOLLARS, which will allow you to obtain an automatic conversion of the value of the products to the currency of your choice. Before purchasing, it is advisable to contact us in order to determine the cost of delivery, which varies depending on the distance of the country to which we have to send the parcel.

5. how can I make a payment when I am abroad?

We recommend two payment methods:

(a) PROFORMA INVOICE (free transfer): the customer places an order online selecting the country of delivery. Once the order is placed and accepted by our consultant, a proforma (PDF) is sent to your email. This proforma must be paid from any bank in your country. As soon as the transfer is credited (1-2 days), we will start processing your order.

b) PAYMENT ONLINE (PAYPAL): The customer places the order online by selecting the country of delivery. The customer then pays using the PAYPAL payment system integrated into the shop.

6. How do I send the content and logo I want to place on the selected item?

Please send an e-mail to:
content, logo, text, dedication to be engraved, etc.
Please quote your order number in the subject line.

7. I have my own design, in what format do I need to save the design file?

a) if the composition was made in a program that supports vector design: Adobe Illustrator, Corel, Freehand, Auto Cad, etc., the file must be saved in the same format as the design file. We need to convert all fonts into curves
and save the design to any file with the following extension: (.ai) or (.cdr) or (.fh) or (.eps)
c) we do not accept designs (.doc) only as a carrier of content, which will be formatted by our company after receiving the file (.doc) we send the design for approval (.pdf).
d) we also accept files with extensions: (.tif), (.jpg), (.bmp),
scale 1:1, resolution 500 dpi

8. What should be the parameters of a photo/log/graphic for engraving?

a) we accept files with extensions: (.tif), (.jpg), (.bmp),
b) scale 1:1, minimum resolution 200 dpi
c) the best photo engraving can be obtained from a clear photo.

9. I am not familiar with the technical parameters of my photographs
Can I send a photograph for evaluation - does it meet the above parameters????

Yes, you can even send several pieces we will choose the best photograph.

10. I do not have a scanner or digital camera but I have a photograph developed on photographic paper which I would like to have engraved - can I send it by post???

Yes, please send the photo to our address. Once the service has been provided, we will send the photograph along with the purchased item.
Please ensure that the photograph is clear (sharp) and bright.

Our address:
Al. Piłsudskiego 68
33-300 NOWY SĄCZ

tel. 888 900 001
tel. 888 999 002
tel. 18 521 13 50
tel. 18 521 14 51
fax: 18 521 12 12


11. May I be concerned about damage to glass trophies during transport?

All goods made of glass are packed with special care in bubble wrap and wrapped in papers to prevent movement in the parcel then the box is taped with the wordING GLASS CAUTION. We often pack a "box within a box" for extra cushioning during a fall. We therefore minimise the likelihood of damage to glass goods shipped by our company. We deliver glass goods by DPD or UPS courier because of the possibility of checking the contents of the parcel in the presence of the courier and possibly drawing up a damage protocol, which is the basis for filing a complaint. If the glass goods are damaged during transport, the damage protocol should be written down and the courier should have it with him. One copy of the report is left with the recipient and the other is forwarded by the courier to the shipping company's office (DPD or UPS). The next step is to send a copy of the damage report and information on the order number and description of the damage to Complaints about damage caused by shipping companies are dealt with up to 7 days after the customer receives the report. In some cases we may ask you to send a photograph or return the damaged goods. We always do our best to ensure that a new parcel of goods reaches you on time, as we are aware that the items ordered are generally gifts linked to the date of presentation.

12. Does the shop have any security measures in place to prevent unauthorised interception of customer data?

Yes, our shop has a RapidSSL Certificate which ensures encryption of the browser connection to our shop It is a guarantee of high security of your personal data as well as card numbers, which are transferred in a safe way thanks to the encrypted connection. Thus, they will not be intercepted by persons not authorised to read them. As soon as you log in to the customer panel (YOUR ACCOUNT) or add goods to the shopping cart, an encrypted connection is automatically initiated, which is confirmed by the letter "s" appearing in "https". The encrypted connection is also a confirmation of the authenticity of our shop. Encrypting the connection is an essential protection against unauthorised interception of personal data entered by internet users shopping in the webshop.

13. the certificates must contain logos which are unlikely to have been designed for engraving as they contain gradients (almost pictures on them). How can this problem be solved?

We can laser engrave all logos with gradients because the equipment we have can even engrave photographs. We have special software that allows us to prepare the graphics with gradients in the right way so that all the tonal transitions and details are properly engraved and legible.

14 - How do I place an order?

We recommend that you complete your purchase in three ways:
- directly through the shop (online) by adding the goods to your basket and filling in the delivery form. We recommend as the best and fastest way to complete your order.
- by sending your order by email:
- by fax: 18 521 12 12

PLEASE NOTE: In order to avoid possible mix-ups, we do not accept orders (dictated) over the phone.

15. am I underage or can I create an account on your website?

Our online shop does not impose restrictions on purchases by minors. However, when placing an order and making a payment, we very much request that a legal guardian is present to help you fill in all sections of the form correctly and to accept the shop's terms and conditions.