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Metal pens

Laser-engraved metal pens are an excellent choice for those who are looking for high-quality advertising media. Elegant and durable, original and aesthetically pleasing, they work well in any situation. They combine practical and image values.



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Advertising unequal to advertising, or how to present yourself properly

We live in a time where we are surrounded by advertising from everywhere. Slogans and slogans hit us on the Internet, radio, television, newspapers or billboards. The amount of advertising around us is overwhelming and overwhelming, and it increasingly happens that we stop reacting to it in any way, and even produce a kind of defense mechanism. It turns out that in such a situation, brand promotion that does not irritate our senses, but gently stimulates, through frequent exposure, becomes effective. The carrier of promotional content can be everyday objects that are practical, handy and look good. In this way, over time, we begin to become accustomed to the slogan on such an object, and thus combine the usefulness of the carrier with the information on it. This is a subtle influence on the subconscious that makes advertising effective. Among the everyday items that accompany every day, pens are at the top of the list.

Timeless and reliable - the ballpoint pen

Although electronic notebooks in smartphones or laptops are already an everyday item, but the pen is still an indispensable tool of every pupil, student or office worker. It is also hard to imagine a situation where it is missing from the office or home. It comes in handy in many situations, to make a quick note of something, to sign the receipt of a registered letter or a package from a courier. It is a tool that will probably never be completely replaced by electronic forms. Elegant pen with advertising engraving will be a practical companion every day, it will find a place in a handbag or backpack. At the same time, it will be a durable and interesting advertising medium. Engraving, unlike printing, does not rub off during use, so it always looks extremely aesthetic. The advantage of investing in engraved gadgets is their subtle, gift-like character. You can give a practical gift, such as a pen with engraving, to a customer during a conversation. The price depends on the size of the order - the larger the quantity in a single order, the greater the discount.

Engraved pen - a classy gift

In the rich offer of the store we offer products in many designs and colors to choose from. For a combination of tradition and modern technology, a pen with engraving and touch tip is an interesting solution. It will prove useful when working with many information carriers, for example, in the office or at the university. While taking handwritten notes, it will at the same time make it easier to operate a touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet. An elegant ballpoint pen in a case will be an exclusive gift, which is sure to appeal to the tastes of the most demanding customers, who place a premium on high quality. Among the wide range of metal pens, you will undoubtedly find such a model that will make the logo look unique. High-quality casing, replaceable refills and indelible laser engraving are a guarantee of exceptional durability of the product. Thanks to this, your advertisement will last for a long time, passed from hand to hand, on a practical and useful medium. A pen with engraving is an indispensable part of brand promotion.