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No matter what content is to be placed on it, the seal should be individualized. Laser engraving allows you to get the right effect in an accurate and precise way.



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Sealers, or ground is security

Hand-held sealers are small, simple devices used to affix plastic or lead seals on a sealing wire, to any goods or doors. A seal so affixed is a guarantee of the integrity of the contents. The design of the sealer is not complicated - it consists of two levers, a head, a ratchet, a pin and a spring. The seal is put on by placing a seal strung on wire or line in the tool, and then tightened with the lever. This permanently bonds the seal to the wire, and a personalized symbol is imprinted on its surface, making it easy to identify the seal and confirm its originality. A sealer with engraving, bearing an individual, unique design makes it impossible for goods or premises secured by you to be opened unnoticed. The use of your own symbol ensures that the seal can be identified, and thus you can say without a doubt whether it is original.

Seal with engraving - unique identification

When deciding to purchase a sealer, it is worth ensuring that the tool will be reliable. High-quality sealers available at are made of durable materials of the highest quality, ensuring that the product can be used for a long time. Ergonomic handles make it easy to put on the seals. The ability to create your own symbol on the sealer stone using the laser engraving method allows you to make precise and personalized designs. The stones can have either concave or convex engraving, according to your order. Also, the design on the sealing stones can be single or double-sided, all depending on your individual preferences. The ability to adjust the size makes the security created in this way extremely difficult to forge, and therefore effective and secure. At the same time, all designs are consulted before final implementation, ensuring the satisfaction of even the most demanding customers.