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Enliven the decor of your interiors and choose decorative wall lettering that will match your character and the design of the entire room. With us you will find a large selection of wall lettering for the kitchen, bedroom and living room, made of the highest quality materials and precisely laser-cut.



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Wall inscriptions for the home - why should you opt for them?

Placing inscriptions on the wall is a trend that has been reigning in the interior design industry for a long time, but today we can meet with it no longer only in old cafes or industrial-style interiors, but in almost every room. Interestingly designed wall inscriptions for the bedroom or kitchen is a great way to emphasize the unique character of a particular interior, as well as to introduce a cozy atmosphere to it.

It is also worth adding that wall inscriptions are a quick and easy patent for the metamorphosis of a room for people who do not have artistic talent, but still want to decorate the surrounding space. All you need is an interestingly chosen quote or humorous graphic, which will then appear on the wall in your living room, bedroom or teenager's room, so that each of your visitors will know what you like and what is important to you.

Original wall lettering for the kitchen, living room and bedroom

Whether you're looking for wall lettering for your bedroom, living room or kitchen, to start with, consider what language you want it to appear in. You can choose wall lettering in Polish, as well as those in English and even Chinese or Japanese. Remember, however, that any inscription should have a positive tone and encourage people to spend time in your home. Wall inscriptions for the kitchen should be enriched with additional graphic accents that are associated with food and cooking, such as a cup, pot or kettle.

As for wall inscriptions for the living room, here it is mainly dominated by large graphics that cover the entire wall or its pillar. Inscriptions in this interior should emphasize the warmth of the home and encourage relaxation while spending time together. Are you dreaming of an unconventional wall inscription for your bedroom? This room will be best presented by not too large inscriptions, which will already put you in a great mood when you wake up.

Wall inscriptions for teenagers and children

The decor of any room should be tailored to its functionality, and in the case of the youngest, also to the age of its owner. While in a baby's room you may be tempted to choose a wall inscription for a child's room with a motif of quotes from fairy tales and drawings of characters from favorite cartoons, older children will no longer be interested in such decorations. Therefore, it is worth investing in such products, which can be easily replaced with others. A perfect example is a wooden plaque with the child's name, which every little nursery and preschooler will love, as well as a plaque with a photo to place on the door.

What about wall lettering for teenagers? A child's tastes change as he grows, so the room of a growing young person should include such accessories that fully emphasize his personality. A great choice, therefore, will be wall lettering for teens with motivational quotes, names, as well as graphics that are related to the teenager's interests.

If you, too, want to create your own wall lettering, use our offer - choose the right design and give us the inscription you want to appear on your decoration!