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In the case of this type of plaques, the precision of execution and the correspondence of the inscription to the actual state are particularly important. Laser engraving, which we offer, is the answer to the expectations of customers ordering this type of products. It ensures the execution of inscriptions in a precise and accurate manner.




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Descriptive plates - a reliable way to mark a product

Descriptive plates can be used to show the parameters of a device, provide a warranty or information about the brand and manufacturer. Whatever the purpose of using this type of marking, the basis is high quality, durability and attention to the smallest detail. offers descriptive plates made of the highest quality materials, ensuring long-term use in an unchanged form. Corrosion-resistant plaques will make important information placed on them readable for many years, maintaining their original function. The laser engraving method makes it possible to put any content or logo on the sign. The laser allows the creation of very precise reproductions, so even the most complicated idea will be possible. The process of order fulfillment is under strict control, and the final project is consulted before execution, so you can be sure that the final product will meet all expectations. The choice of font, the size of the text and the way it is arranged, as well as the size of the plate, makes sure that the signboard will contain all the necessary information, which will be clear and transparent for the recipient.

Manufacturer's logo a permanent advertisement

Descriptive signs solve the problem of placing a manufacturer's or brand's logo on a product so as not to interfere directly with its structure and form. A graphic sign on a signboard is a permanent advertisement - even after years of use, you can still easily identify who produced the item or device. Thus, it is possible to buy spare parts or purchase a product made by the same company. A descriptive plate is a reliable and durable method of identification. On the plaque also can be placed the logo itself, which equally allows for effective brand recognition, thus obtaining a durable business card that will stand the test of time. This solution will emphasize the professionalism of the company, and make your brand products marked with a distinctive and unique symbol. At a small cost, we will help you build a professional image that testifies to quality. Information plates will work well in many industries, equally in the automotive, electronics and many others. Undeniably, their aesthetics and durability is a guarantee of satisfaction even for the most demanding customers.