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Cake toppers

Original cake toppers in the form of an inscription or an elegant figurine are a tasteful decoration for your cake! We offer toppers with interesting wedding, communion and birthday themes. Made of the highest quality materials, cut precisely with a laser.



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Original cake toppers in the form of a personalized inscription or an elegant figurine is a tasteful decoration that will give a unique character to your cake. In Grawernia we offer a large selection of cake toppers with wedding, communion and birthday themes. Each item is made from the highest quality materials and then laser cut.

Cake toppers - what are they?

Cake toppers are modern cake decorations that are an interesting alternative to traditional candles, but unlike them, they do not need to be replaced or lit. Their versatility means that they can take on all sorts of forms and shapes today, from letters and numbers, through whole words and patterns, to individual graphics that relate to the nature of the celebration. Cake toppers are usually placed on the top layer of the cake with the help of a special pick, which is driven into the appropriate place.

Personalized cake toppers - much more than a simple decoration

Engraved cake toppers are an ideal gadget that will complete the entire arrangement of any party. Thanks to them, we can easily smuggle a personal touch into the celebration, as well as express the power of the feelings we have for the person being celebrated. It is such decorations as precisely cut cake toppers that allow us to create the most beautiful memories of parties that will remain in our memory for a long time - wedding, communion, baptism or birthday.

A large selection of different types of cake toppers makes it possible to perfectly integrate them into almost any theme of the party. Such a gadget is sure to appeal especially to the youngest, who will be able to feel that the cake really was created especially for them. Importantly, cake toppers are extremely easy to use. They do not require prior placement on the cake and allow any arrangement of the cake. On the other hand, the varying length of the pins allows them to be used in both larger and heavier cakes, as well as small ones.

Choose your cake topper theme!

Choosing the perfect cake topper is a task that requires us to think long and hard. This is because we need to remember that this type of decoration should match the character of the celebration. Among the most popular designs of cake toppers dominate those maintained in the style associated with the wedding party. Thus, a perfect crowning for a wedding cake will be a topper in the shape of a heart or wedding rings, as well as one with the inscription "love" or with the names of the bride and groom. Another equally important occasion, during which we can use a cake topper, is the celebration of Holy Communion. Then you should think about a decoration with the child's name, which will give the whole cake decoration a personal touch.

Cake toppers are also a sensational idea a decorate a birthday cake. In this situation, we can reach for toppers with a number or with the inscription "Happy Birthday", as well as with a customized text with the name of the birthday boy or girl. No matter what model of cake topper we decide on, one thing is certain - such a decoration is sure to attract the attention of guests and become a wonderful souvenir of an important event.