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Make your plaque and signboard stand out by adding your company colors and colorful logo. We combine two laser engraving and cutting technologies with world-class permanent UV printing to produce plaques and signs with the best quality. All UV inks printed on metallized surfaces get a beautiful metallized color, while those printed on matte surfaces are slightly glossy and look very elegant. UV signs and plaques are top-shelf quality.



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Printed metal plaques are a great way to make your establishment stand out and increase interest among customers. The plaques are laser cut and then finished using modern UV printing. As a result, these items impress with beautiful metallized colors and a slightly glossy finish.

Printed metal plaques - why use them?

Printed metal plates are signs that enjoy unflagging popularity among those who care about the reputation and prestige of their company. Thanks to them, we can easily distinguish our premises from the competition and make customers want to get to know our brand better. Importantly, the skillful selection of colors and design used on the plaque allows us to build the image of the company as a luxury brand that cares not only about the quality of products, but also the aesthetics of all elements that are associated with it.

It is also worth noting that printed metal plaques attract the customer's attention from afar, and due to the beautiful shine that appears when exposed to light, they become an original decoration of any office and service premises.

Printed metal plates - signage durable for many years

When it comes to the durability of printed metal plates, such signage is second to none. The plaques are coated with special UV paints, which not only give them a metallized color, but also ensure that they do not lose their original color and shapes over time, do not deteriorate and do not rub off.