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Health and safety placards

Health and safety placards and fire safety placards are items that should be placed in a visible place in every workplace. Thanks to them you will take care of the safety of your employees, as well as inform them of potential dangers that may threaten their life and health. We encourage you to get acquainted with our offer of health and safety placards and those designed for fire protection.



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Health and safety placards - informational and warning signs

Health and safety placards are yellow, red, green or blue signs, which usually contain black elements (frame and pictograms). Such placards can be triangular or rectangular, depending on the application. According to Polish law on the placement of informational signs in public spaces, health and safety warning placards should be in a visible place in every workplace. The markings used on such OSH placards must also conform to certain patterns required by inspection authorities.

Some OSH placards must be used in specific locations, examples of which include placards for marking an escape route or indicating the direction to an emergency exit. All health and safety placards should be located at points that are clearly visible to an employee in an emergency situation. This means that they should not be obscured by other objects or machinery and should be located directly on the device or piece of plant used by workers.

Fire plate. - What is it for and where should it be placed?

Fire placards are another important safety signs in the workplace. These signs provide information about potential fire risks or the correct course of action in a fire emergency. As in the case of health and safety placards, the law makes it mandatory to place such signs in every workplace, such as near a fire extinguisher, hydrant or fire detector.

In our online store we offer a large selection of H&S and fire safety plates, which are covered with a special photoluminescent coating to ensure better visibility of the marking. On each of them is prepared a special inscription or pictogram, which is laser engraved. Importantly, our fire and health and safety signs are resistant to weather conditions, so they can be placed outdoors. Each of them is glued with a special foam tape or has mounting holes that make it easy to attach it to the ground.