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Tasman lighters with engraving

Tasman lighters are products that are distinguished by their simple design and flint ignition, which gives them many years of trouble-free service. In our offer you will find a large selection of engraved Tasman lighters decorated with colorful prints and your own inscription. This makes them an original idea for a practical gift with extraordinary sentimental value.



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Tasman lighters - great value for money

Looking for a unique gift for a smoker or a person who likes unusual gadgets? Tasman gasoline lighters are a hit! These products are covered by a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, so even if they get damaged, you can claim for repair under warranty at any time.

At Grawernia we have for you a rich assortment of Tasman lighters in solid colors or enriched with interesting prints. Importantly, we can make any precise engraving on any of them using a fiber laser. Thanks to this, a simple gadget can become a great gift for birthdays, Valentine's Day or anniversaries.