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This unique personalized gift will remain unforgettable for many years to come. Not only are engraved decanters a very elegant and inexpensive gift, their engraving creates a priceless emotional bond that will linger for many years to come while using the gift. The collection of decanters designed by our team of graphic designers consists of thematically developed artwork and content, which are dedicated to different people. You will find great gifts for the whole family, acquaintances and friends. The decanters we offer are a gift hit with which you can shine during an anniversary, birthday or name day. This is a gift that always works well and is always appreciated.




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Decanter, or the must have of a connoisseur

Whisky decanters are a classic gadget of every connoisseur of this exquisite drink. Elegance, style and high quality perfectly match the golden drink, imbued with a wealth of aromas and the power of percentages. Since time immemorial decanters have been associated with good taste - they have become an inseparable element of salons and elegant bars, where gentlemen sitting down for evening conversations enjoyed the most exquisite kinds of whisky. Today, whisky decanters also represent elegance and respect for the liquor they contain. They are also perfect for a gift. Carafes with engraving will work great as a gift for father's day, grandfather's day, birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. The limit to the possibility of using an engraved decanter as a personalized gift is only your imagination, with the expectation that the gift will make a big impression every time due to its unique character.

Whisky, but not only, that is, about what can go in an elegant glass

Whisky is quite a specific drink - strong, with a distinct aroma, which may not be to everyone's taste. However, decanters have a much wider application than just for storing golden alcohol. Wine decanters will be an elegant way to serve blood or straw colored liquid, looking like a precious jewel in an elegant decanter. For all of you who create homemade fruit or herbal liquors in season, liquor decanters will make it easier to store them, while adding elegance to home-made aromatic liquors. Regardless of the intended use, elegant, high-quality decanters with engraving will become a decoration of any living room and an unusual gift idea that will be durable, and at the same time created with the person you wish to bestow.

Carafes with engraving - quality, elegance and precision

Carafes with engraving, which you will find in the store, are available in many ready-made designs. You can choose between many glass shapes and ready-made engravings - images or dedications. We have also prepared the possibility to create your own engraving, so you can put any content of your choice on them. In this way the decanters will take on an even more personal character. At each stage of implementation the project is carefully consulted, so that the final result meets all your hopes. The engraving is made by laser method, so it is possible to reproduce even very complex graphics and use any font. The highest quality products will undoubtedly satisfy even the most demanding customers. The decanters are made of hand-formed glass, thus gaining a unique style. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a modern form, based on the principles of minimalism, or decanters in fancy shapes. Regardless of your choice, they will undoubtedly be a stylish, yet practical decoration.