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Wooden plaques

Do you like original decorations that impress with interesting design and high quality workmanship? Your attention will certainly be attracted by our wooden plaques with engraving, which find their use both in private spaces and commercial premises. All wooden plaques available at Grawernia are made of high quality birch plywood, which increases their durability and resistance to mechanical damage.



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Wooden plaques with engraving for the office, hotel and restaurant

Wood is a material that has been valued for years due to its excellent technical parameters, as well as its versatile use. Its natural appearance combined with easy processing and high level of durability makes today wooden decorations popular not only in homes arranged in rustic and boho style, but also in office spaces, hotels, restaurants and other service facilities. A perfect example of this are wooden plaques with an inscription, which are designed in various shapes and sizes.

What solutions can we use? Today, the most popular are wooden plaques with engraving, which show the numbers or names of rooms or hotel suites. For those who prefer personalized solutions, we offer wooden plaques with the company logo and any inscription, which can then be placed on the door or wall. It is also worth mentioning that wood is a natural material that can come into contact with food. Therefore, wooden plaques with your own inscription in the form of toppers, which can be placed directly on or near the dish, are also an interesting option.

Wooden plaques with your own inscription - create your door plaque together with us!

At Grawernia we have created a unique collection of wooden plaques made of birch plywood, on which we create personalized inscriptions using modern UV printing technology. Importantly, each of the products has been designed in such a way that the customer can customize it according to his needs and requirements. Personalization is subject to both the size of the wooden plaque with the inscription, as well as the background color and the content appearing on it. Before carrying out the order, our graphic designers develop a project, which is then sent to the customer via e-mail. Only after its approval do we start working on creating wooden plaques with your own engraving. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our specialists by phone or email.