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Guitar picks are a gift offer aimed at guitarists. We engrave on the metal picks using a fiber laser with very high precision: the logo or the name of the musician's band, we personalize the picks by engraving the name, surname, nickname or the musician's own signature (signature). Precise engraving also allows you to put a short dedication with the date.

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Guitar picks different from all others

It is said that music brings people together and softens customs. It is impossible not to agree with this statement. It has not been known for a long time that music has a calming effect, is one of the important elements of many therapeutic therapies, and at the same time provides an excellent topic for all sorts of conversations. At Grawernia, we have been showing our customers for many years that there is another proof that music enhances human relationships. We are talking about our unique guitar picks, which are designed for both classical and electric guitar, acoustic guitar and bass guitar.

If you take a look at our range of personalized guitar picks available at Gravernia, you'll notice that these are no ordinary guitar picks. We want each of them to symbolize something important and be associated with the person who chooses them for a music lover. Therefore, among our proposals you will find, among others, necklaces and bracelets with guitar picks, which are decorated with a photograph or any dedication.

How to personalize guitar picks with engraving?

Wondering how to design personalized guitar picks so that they bring a beaming smile to the face of your loved one? For starters, think about what you want to convey through them. Do you want to put a quote you associate with music on it, or maybe a special photo that will make ordinary guitar picks with engraving get a personal touch? At Engravernia you will find many interesting designs that you can use to create your own design. What's important, you can configure them freely, creating them completely from scratch with your own inscription, logo, band name or graphics.

Guitar picks - a unique gift for special occasions

Surprise the person who loves playing the guitar and give them personalized guitar picks with engraving, which are perfect as a birthday, Valentine's Day or wedding anniversary gift. Such a gift will also delight any music lover who is just starting out in music or is looking forward to an important concert. Importantly, guitar picks are not only a way to give a gift to an adult, but also to a child who is preparing for a musical recital or graduating from music school. The sight of parents' smiling faces and encouraging words will surely make the child feel confident and comfortable on stage.

We cordially invite you to check out our offer of guitar picks with engraving, which are not only practical and durable, but above all become a wonderful keepsake for musicians for years to come.