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Acrylic wedding invitations

Want to surprise your guests and make your wedding day memorable for a long time? Invest in acrylic wedding invitations, with the help of which you will emphasize the unique character of the celebration, and at the same time create a unique memento of such an important event. Choose your favorite design and together with us design your dream wedding invitations!



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Acrylic wedding invitations - what are they?

Acrylic wedding invitations are a special type of wedding stationery, which is made of a transparent plastic material called plexiglass (otherwise known as acrylic glass, plexiglass or plexiglass). This material is distinguished by a high degree of resistance to mechanical damage, as well as ease of processing. Thanks to this, acrylic wedding invitations are not only visually attractive, but, above all, thick and rigid, which in effect increases their strength.

On the market we can meet with acrylic wedding invitations of various thicknesses, starting as low as 1 mm. However, in Grawernia we care about the highest quality of workmanship of all decorative elements that create the character of the wedding party, so with us acrylic wedding invitations are made of clear acrylic with a thickness of 3 mm.

Acrylic wedding invitations with a hundred faces

The secret of the beauty of acrylic wedding invitations is not only their colorless surface, but also their incredible flexibility. What's more, although at first glance we may think that these decorations are made of traditional glass, it should be remembered that acrylic glass is much lighter and will not crumble when dropped. Plexiglass also gives us unlimited possibilities when it comes to its finishing, which allows us to perfectly match acrylic wedding invitations to the aesthetics of the entire wedding reception.

Acrylic glass wedding invitations can take many different forms, from classic rectangular decorations, to those with decorative floral accents, to original invitations in the shape of a wedding dress or mirror. On each acrylic wedding invitation we perform UV printing, according to the design selected in the gallery or... your own idea! At Grawernia, we do not want to limit the imagination of our customers, so we are happy to help them realize their innermost dreams related to one of the most important days of their lives.

If you have additional questions about the design of acrylic wedding invitations, please contact our team of graphic designers, who will certainly dispel all your doubts!